11 Aug 2012

Speedmonkey is on holiday - Greatest Hits

Everyone has to take a holiday at some point.  And we are no exception - as long as we can get the V8 Discovery through it's MoT.  It's a great old girl but has just failed on faulty Lambda sensors.  Strange that such a modern piece of kit should fail on such an agricultural barge as is the Disco.

Never mind that the Golf V6 has just had it's second pencil coil pack up in 2 weeks.

But these are the calamities we must endure when we choose to run old, fun cars rather than modern slow, boring cars.

At least the Triumph Street Triple works and is in fine fettle but that won't really carry three people and a dog to rural Wales.

So as long as the Golf or Land Rover can be fixed on Monday Speedmonkey will be on holiday for a week.  In the meantime here are some links to our mot popular articles.  Click on the highlighted sec ion to go to the article.

The Valentino Rossi saga

On 3 August we told you that Rossi was moving to Yamaha for next year.  Many didn't believe us.
On 4 August we found that one part of the story had proved to be false but that he was still moving to Yamaha.
On 7 August the Rossi to Yamaha story edged ever closer as Yamaha announced to the press that a press release would be issued on 15 August.
On 7 August we also postulated on a Ducati without Rossi.
On 10 August the cat was out of the bag.  Press releases from both Ducati and Yamaha confirming Rossi's move.  We were correct then!

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