1 Aug 2012

New bike from BMW - the S1000RR HP4

BMW have now confirmed what has been rumoured for some time.  It is releasing a new high performance version of it's incredible S1000RR - the snappily title HP4.  HP stands for High Performance and if the HP4 is to live up to the reputation of it's forbears it needs to be really, very good.

The S1000RR was BMW's proper go at creating a 1000cc super bike with an inline four engine.  Not only did it succeed but it pretty much wiped the floor with the Japanese competition - still reeling from the twin effects of the Tsunami and high Yen.  It has to be said that the Japanese manufacturers had pretty much given up on innovation a few years ago and haven't produced a truly new super bike since the cross plain crank of the Yamaha R1.

So can the HP4 go one better.  Can it crank the dial all the way up to 11?

No-one outside of the factory will truly know until they've ridden it.  The main differences between the standard model and the HP4 seem to be a) exhaust, b) weight loss, c) electronics, d) bling.  Weight loss and a meatier exhaust are both good.  Bling is OK if that floats your boat (it doesn't mine - my favourite super bike ever was a very basic but ubercool 2000 R1).  Electronics are OK if they keep the thing on the road.  The problem with too much electronic control is the feeling it gives the inexperienced rider that they can go faster and faster until eventually they run out of road and no amount of electronics can stop a combined 300kg in 10 yards.

Anyway, the specification over and above the standard S1000RR is below.  Prices haven't been released yet but expect not to get too much change out of £20,000.

  • Fork bridge with engraved number and HP4 logo.
  • Lightest 1000 supersports bike with four cylinders: 199 kg 
  • (90% DIN unladen weight).
  • Innovative suspension with Dynamic Damping Control (DDC).
  • Race ABS with IDM setting.
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) with fine tune adjustment in "Slick" mode.
  • Launch Control.
  • Adapted wheelie detection.
  • New rear wheel tires, 200/55 ZR 17.
  • Shift assistant as standard equipment.
  • Light titanium exhaust system with controlled acoustic valve and resonance pipe.
  • Forged light alloy wheels, anodized in black.
  • Radial monoblock brake calipers by Brembo with special brake pads.
  • 9x floating brake discs at front.
  • Extended, dual-section engine spoiler.
  • Seat in monoposto look with passenger seat cover.
  • Lighter 7 Ah battery.
  • Performance-oriented engine set-up.
  • Increased torque in the medium engine speed range.

The Competition Package:
  • Long, closed engine spoiler made of carbon.
  • Sponsor sticker kit included.
  • Wheels in Racing Blue Metallic.
  • HP Carbon badge carrier.
  • HP Carbon tank cover.
  • HP brake lever, hinged.
  • HP clutch lever, hinged.
  • HP rider footrest system, adjustable.