27 Jun 2012

Morgan Eva GT - Stunning new 4 seater

If you hadn't read the headline you'd be hard pressed to know that this is the upcoming GT car from Morgan.  Whilst their classic car range dominates Morgans sales figures they've started to dip their toe into more modern territory recently, as the Le Mans entry shows, and the Eva GT is definitely a modern car.

The swoopy lines, huge bonnet and the shape of the grille are all classic Morgan touches but brought together in this package Morgan demonstrate they can can bring us bang up to date design.

The headline figures of 306bhp, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, 170mph, sub £100,000 price and twin-turbo straight six are all pretty similar to the competition but for us the real figures are these - it weighs 1250kg and it will do 40mpg, it's got four seats and a good sized boot.  The chassis and body panels are made from aluminium to keep the weight down and a host of other techniques have been employed to make it aerodynamically efficient and lightweight.

These are all claimed figures so should be taken with a pinch of salt.  The Eva GT isn't actually on the market yet.  Teaser images and information was released some time ago but deposits were being taken and delivery for the first models was expected late 2012.

So watch this space.  Speedmonkey has our eye on the Eva GT.