3 Jul 2012

McLaren MP4 12c Spider - full details and pictures

McLaren has today released more details of it's new offering, the MP4 12c Spider.  The car has a retractable hard top which takes 17 seconds to raise or lower - although you need to be doing under 19mph to do so.

The Spider weighs only 40kg more than it's hardtop sibling - 1474kg -  and incorporates all the revisions that were recently made to that car.

0-60mph is 3.1 seconds and 0-124mph is 9 seconds!  The 0-60 time is the same as the tin-top version whilst 0-124 is only two tenths of a second slower.  An F1 car gets to 124mph in about 5 seconds.

The Spider is released in November and will cost £195,500 - almost £20,000 more than the coupe.

Amazingly it will return 24.2mpg.  An F1 car does about 3mpg.