4 Aug 2012

Rossi to Yamaha - All is not as it seems!

Yesterday we and most of the press who cover MotoGP published the story about Rossi being confirmed at Yamaha.

Events have taken a turn and now it appears that the tweet from Niall Mackenzie was fake.  Niall's account had been hacked by a Frenchman who posted the now infamous, "Done deal!  A certain well known Italian will definately be on a blue bike next year, woo hoo!"

The hacker confessed to a journalist that he had done the deed.

Niall's account seemed to be back in his own hands after the tweet.  The hacking story was reported by David Emmet of Moto Matters earlier this morning.

Rossi's manager, Davide Brivio, has tweeted to say, "...for sure he didn't visit Yamaha HQ...he is in holiday!" and later went on to say (in Italian), "I think Niall wanted to make a joke at all.."

Davide's second tweet may be lost in translation.  He seems to be saying that Niall's account wasn't hacked but that he was making a joke - maybe he is not fully aware of the facts regarding the hacking.

The basis of the original story still lies true.  The speculation regarding Rossi moving to Yamaha was reported by Gazetto dell Sport who claim he has signed for Yamaha at MotoGP in 2013 and 2014 and WSBK in 2015.

And it turns out Jorge Lorenzo was briefed by Yamaha to expect the return of Valentino Rossi to the team.  Lorenzo said, "He (Lin Jarvis) has already talked to me about this at the last race and for me it is OK....for Yamaha maybe it is a good thing for them to sign Valentino and try to come back with two bikes in first and second."

Therefore Ben Spies shock decision to leave Yamaha may mean he already knew about the decision to hire Rossi.

All very interesting.  Expect a press conference with some news soon.   Once Rossi's position is sorted then the rest of the top seats will will be filled fairly quickly - the most intriguing move being who will replace Rossi at Ducati.  That seems to be a straight fight between Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso.

Looks like we will see Rossi on the blue bike next year.