3 Aug 2012

Angry racers - F1 drivers losing the plot

Driving an F1 car can be a stressful occupation.  Yes you get the glamour, adoration, huge salary and you get to drive the world best cars for a living but sometimes someone else - usually another F1 driver really irks you.

You've just stepped out of a car, you've been driving on the limit and pulling 5G in the braking zones but somewhere on track you came across some plonker dawdling around the track like they're on a Sunday drive in their Kia.

So what do you do?  Why get out of the car and go and give them a piece of your mind of course!  Well, this lot did.


Villeneuve gets in Fisichella's way.  Fisico loses the plot - in Italian.  But they still bleeped out the swear words.

"Well it's kids you know.  Kids with not enough experience and then they f*ck it all up."  Webber talking about which rookie?  Have a look here

You're driving around the old Indy GP circuit at 180mph and crash into the famous wall.  The car's a mess but you're fine.  You get out and look at the steaming pile of carbon fibre.  What do you do?  Well if you're Ralf Schumacher - give it a good kick!

Montoya at a press conference.  After a string of inane questions he gets up and walks out!

Here's our favourite angry Colombian again.  Some f*cking idiot ruined his f*cking head.  Apparently. Poor Juan Pablo.

This is a long one but it's worth watching it all.  Coulthard crashes at a wet Spa.  He then trundles back to the pits.  Then all hell breaks loose.

My favourite.  Schumacher overtakes Coulthard.  Coutlthard disapproves and gives Schumi the one fingered salute. (See related article on driver etiquette here)

And finally.  One great of the sport passes on helpful information to another great from the next generation.  In other words Senna gives Schumacher an almighty bollocking in front of the TV cameras.