Site Stats

Speedmonkey achieves roughly 100,000 hits per month.  Total views as at 12 February 2014 was 2,018,000

21 June 2012. I'd just arrived home from a trip to Le Mans with my mate, Scottie, and wanted to write something about it - so I created a blog and posted this and this article. My wife, Sarah, came up with the name Speedmonkey.

Since then 1500 articles have been posted on Speedmonkey by me and around 50 other talented writers. I've had the privilege to test cars from some fantastically generous manufacturers including Mercedes, Jaguar, Lotus, Renault, Honda, Maserati, Volvo, Land Rover, Infiniti, Porsche, Subaru, VW, Honda, Peugeot and Vauxhall.

The site continues to be an amateur effort, although we are now getting 100,000 hits a month which exceeds the circulation of quite a few car magazines.

Below you will find screenshots of site data.

Matt Hubbard

28 November 2014: Twitter now publishes stats:

2 April 2014:  Speedmonkey now reaches 138,000 per week across the site and social media channels.  Full stats and info here

12 February 2014:  After 18 months in business Google finally seems to be sending lots of readers to Speedmonkey.  After something of a dip at the end of 2013 the stats are holding up in 2014 with well with over 4,000 hits per day, most of which come from search engines.  As you can see from the chart below readership is increasing.  I can now stop tweeting quite so much!

11 December 2013: Here are the Speedmonkey YouTube page's demographics from 10 Nov to 9 Dec

28 November 2013:  Here are some stats from the Speedmonkey Facebook page which is growing at a steady rate

5 November 2013: Here's a screenshot of the Speedmonkey YouTube channel demographics

18 September 2013: Update - Speedmonkey just hit 1.5 million views

Here's a screenshot following our best day to date, on 28 July 2013