6 Aug 2012

Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion for sale - £1.49million

Our article on the Audi R10 for sale proved pretty popular.  If you had the £1.5million asking price but chose not to spend it then here's another mouth watering proposition.

The Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion was created in 1996 as a GT1 racing car but FIA homologation rules stated that road going versions had to be made - hence Strassenversion, i.e. Street Version.

So Porsche built twenty Strassenversions and this is the last one off the 'production line' for sale.  It weighs 1150kg and pushes out 537bhp from it's 3.2 litre flat 6 engine.  0-60 is done in 3.9 seconds and top speed is 192mph.

The Strassenversion is a little more comfortable than it's racing counterpart with such luxuries as carpets, softer suspension, a dashboard and slightly more road focussed gear ratios.  It's still completely impractical for the road though with a humungous turning circle, massive turbo lag and we're not sure how it would cope over speed bumps.

The car has done 3045 miles since it was built in 1998 and its condition is described as 'museum status'.  If I had the money to buy it the first thing I would do to the GT1 Strassenversion is treat it to a respray.

Why?  Well, when I was in my second flush of youth I bought a Scalextric set to put up in my spare room.  My favourite car was the racing version of the GT1.  I can't help thinking that the silver paint on this Strassenversion doesn't do it any favours.  I'd paint my Strassenversion the same as the racing GT1 that the Scalextric car was based on.

Then it would be perfect.

Here's the advert.  It's being sold by a man called Ken.  £1.49million and it's yours.