1 Aug 2013

Subaru WRX concept moves one step closer to production

Following its outing at the New York Auto Show Subaru will next display the awesome WRX concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 9th September.
Subaru WRC concept

The press release wording is interesting:

"The WRX concept hints at the final look of the next-generation WRX, a bold and muscular design giving it a strong on-street presence...The new-for-2014 Subaru WRX production car, while not confirmed for the UK market, is under consideration. Changing market conditions has allowed Subaru UK to re-examine the feasibility of bringing the new car into Britain."
So basically low volume hot hatches and sports cars are doing well in the UK so Subaru might as well bring the WRX over here.  After all, it is produced in right hand drive in its home market - Japan.

Subaru - Seriously c'mon DO IT