1 Aug 2013

Stake skewers Mazda MX5 - nearly kebabs driver

A 50-year old woman was driving this Mazda MX5 in Putzbrunn, Germany when it left the road and crashed into a fence.  And one of the fence posts went right through the headlight, wing, dashboard and her seat - but not through the driver.
Bild reports that the MX5 left the Outer Ottobrunner Road at 10.20am on Wednesday morning and crashed into the fence, obviously at some speed.

The three meter long wooden post smashed through the car and brushed past the driver.

An eye-witness said: "The wooden post passed so close past the driver that even her knitted sweater caught in the fence post and remained hanging on the back. The only thing that broke was her bra."

Firefighters from Putzbrunner were on the scene within minutes and helped the woman from her car where she was found to be in shock and with a few scrapes but otherwise OK.

Check out the photo at the bottom.  Fake aluminium trim and polished wooden steering wheels and gearknobs seem to be all the rage in Germany

Mazda MX5 crash Putbrunn Germany

All images: Bild