28 Mar 2013

Subaru WRX concept - Has Subaru finally found its cojones?

This is the Subaru WRX concept, which is due to be shown at the New York Auto Show.

Subaru has been in the doldrums ever since the demise of their World Rally programme.  The Impreza is to be dropped in the UK and the model range has been pretty dreary in recent years.  Even the recent BRZ hasn't been able to revive them much - because Toyota stole all the glory with their identical GT86.  Not that it isn't popular but supply is so limited that Subaru's UK management have been flying to Japan to beg for more BRZs to come to these shores.

The WRX concept was a bit of a shock, in that no-one knew it was coming.  No more information has been released aside from the fact it is a concept and the finished product should look something like the car in these images.

Hopefully it will stay pretty similar because the WRX concept takes Subaru back to the daring, handsome cars they used to produce before they started to whither and lose their design cojones.