31 Jul 2013

Rejoice - Subaru are shipping more BR-Zs to the UK

When Toyota and Subaru jointly produced the GT86 and BR-Z the world rejoiced.  Here was a back to basics sports car with a naturally aspirated engine, a coupe shape and with rear wheel drive.  A recipe for lots of fun.
But then the dream soured for Subaru in the UK when the car sold so well they ran out, and waiting times increased exponentially.  Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan wouldn't allocate further cars for the UK market.  So potential BRZ customers bought GT86s and had a merry old time.

Subaru UK management duly traipsed from Blighty to the Land of the Rising Sun with cap in hand to beg the big bosses for more right hand drive stock for the British sports car enthusiasts who wanted to buy their car but couldn't.

And they were successful.

The Subaru factory in Gunma, Ota-city, Japan will now be churning out more funky BR-Z coupes so that we Brits, lovers of sports cars, can buy them to our heart's content with little more than a two week delay from ordering at the dealer.

A satisfactory conclusion for all Brits with 25 grand to spare and a yearning for some sideways-orientated thrills.