21 Aug 2013

Pssst. Wanna buy a Renault Estafette painted in Ferrari colours?

Renault made half a million Estafette vans.  This one is a 1969 model and was bought by the makers of Rush and painted in the Ferrari colour scheme you see in the photos.  In the film it is Niki Lauda's Ferrari van.
Ferrari van from rush

The Estafette is up for auction by Silverstone Auctions at CarFest South with an expected price of £15-20,000.

Rush is set in 1976 but the Estafette changed very little between its inception in 1959 (as part of a plan to rebuild post-war France) and 1980, when production ceased in France.  In 1978 a 1.3 litre water-cooled engine was introduced, which powers this van.

This Estafette spent most of its life as a fire truck on the French/Swiss border.  In 2012 it was bought by a Brit and moved to the UK.  Shortly after it was talent-spotted by the Rush producers.

Here's the link to its page on the Silverstone Auctions website.
Ferrari van from rush