21 Aug 2013

Opel Monza Concept - first images and specs

This is the Opel Monza Concept, which will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.  It's definitely a concept car in the 'vision of future direction' sense rather than 'ready to hit the road in 6 months' sense.

The Monza concept is packed with innovative tech.  The powertrain is electric, with Vauxhall/Opel's new 1.0 SIDI engine that runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), as a range extender.  The double gullwing doors stretch front to back, for all four passengers.

The dash features 18 LED projectors and runs right across the car from door to door.  The Monza Concept also gets Car-to-Car and Car-toX technology, which interacts with others cars and the environment via sensors in the vehicles and in the road.

The entertainment system uses the passenger's smartphones in several ways, such as music, comms and social media, and filters out what is appropriate for use in the car whilst on the move.

The Opel Monza concept looks pretty fabulous. Mark Adams, who is Opel's Head of Design, is showing himself as a capable and talented designer.

The car does seem pretty impractical in a few areas though.  The double gullwing doors might look great but can you imagine parking a Monza in a supermarket car park and trying to get out with only 10 inches to the car adjacent?  In mid-winter, when only one occupant wants to get out, the entire car will be filled with wind, rain and whatever else the elements throw at them.

The full width dash display looks great and hasn't been seen in a road car before, but will it be too distracting for the driver having info all along its width?

And the pedals seem far too close to the driver's seat.

Aside from those gripes the Opel Monza Concept seems a pretty sensible, and fabulous looking, proposition.  Pity we won't see it on the road.

Article by Matt Hubbard