21 Aug 2013

Jaguar SUV - The good, the bad and the ugly renders

Jaguar is rumoured to be revealing a new SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.  No wonder, SUVs are selling like hot cakes world-wide - more than 50% of all Porsches sold are Cayennes.
Render by Car Experts India
So it makes sense for Jaguar to create one themselves, even if their sister company, Land Rover, arguably invented the concept.

Ian Callum - creator of the beautiful F-Type, XK, XJ and XF - will no doubt pen as eye-pleasing an SUV as is possible.

Despite that the motoring world has gone Jag SUV crazy and rushed a load of renders out for their readers to gasp over.  It's pretty much guaranteed that the final product will look better than all of these.

Some are borderline OK, some quite silly, some bonkers and one looks just like a Cayenne with a Jaguar grille.  To save you Googling them here are most of the Jaguar SUV renders available online.
Arizona Foothills Magazine

Autoblog Italia



Auto Week

Cars n Car



Top Speed (OK, I think this one is a little old)