13 Apr 2013

Round-up of the week - an ugly BMW, a beautiful Maserati and lots more

As we're in between motor shows there wasn't a whole lot going on in terms of shiny new cars.  But that didn't stop us finding some pretty interesting stories.

The week started well when Brian Bartram reported back from a rather special track day in Bahrain.  He went for a passenger ride in the production read Porsche 918 Spider and proclaimed it "astonishing".  

Brian also brought us this mega gallery of track day car-porn from Bahrain.

I asked whether the Audi S4 Avant could hack it as a sportscar.  The answer was a rather resounding yes.

Margaret Thatcher died this week.  Duncan Shanks uncovered a fascinating document from her archives on the subject of which ministerial car No.10 should buy.

BMW released images of their hideous X4 Concept.  We asked if BMW have lost the plot.

Maserati showed us their new Ghibli saloon.  Unlike the BMW it's a beauty

George Phillips managed to bag an Aston Martin DBS for a week.  Here's his full review.

Luxury car makers are increasingly selling cars in the emerging markets.  We asked if this was at the expense of their existing, and loyal, customer base.

James Parker pondered the pricing of the Jaguar F-Type.

Also on the subject of the F-Type - is a Sportbrake on the horizon?

Yet again someone on Pistonheads loses their sense of humour.

This is the take of a stolen Beetle, which was found again in 36 hours by the power of social media.