12 Apr 2013

Is a Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake on the horizon?

The image below of a Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake (or Sportbrake in Jag parlance) was doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday.  It's obviously a photoshop because the original photo is from the set that was released when the F-Type was first revealed in September 2012.  See the fourth image down in the original article here.

But several people were adamant the image came from Jaguar themselves, via Jaguar Magazine.  So intrepid hound @Dogknob1 asked Dan Connell, Jaguar's Global Brand and PR Manager what he thought.  Dan's response was "Not one I've heard about!"

However, when @Keith_AROnline asked the designer of the F-Type, Ian Callum, what he thought the response was more cryptic.
Will a Jaguar Shooting Brake happen?  In all likelihood it won't - not anytime soon anyway.  At a recent tour of the F-Type factory we asked Jaguar what plans they had for a coupe version of the F-Type.  "Not for quite some time," was the answer.

Even if it is a photoshop the F-Type Shooting Brake is something of a beauty though.