14 Apr 2013

Who should Mark Webber drive for in 2014?

We've put together a Facebook poll asking where Mark Webber should drive next season.  The answers are all dependent on the drives being available.

The options, as we see it, for Mark in 2014 are:

  • Bite his tongue and stay at Red Bull (that is if he doesn't punch Vettel at some point this year).
  • Sign a contract with Lotus as Kimi's team-mate.  Even Eric Boullier will have noticed by now that Grosjean is crap.
  • Point out to Martin Whitmarsh that Perez is rubbish and that they should hire Webber for 2014 whilst they sort out the next McLaren superstar for 2015.  That is, unless, Hulkenberg is available next year.
  • Take the Porsche offer and drive at Le Mans and the rest of the WEC season next year.
  • Take a megabucks offer from Williams who, with Claire Williams on board, should start to make some decent driver decisions and sack at least one of their current charges for next year.
  • Retire and drive in BTCC for a bit of fun - or join Casey in V8 Supercars.

Vote on our Facebook page here.