15 Jan 2013

Donks - the stupidest car culture ever?

Being a UK based website with an international audience, Speedmonkey would like to share the concept of 'donks' with the rest of the world.  To be honest we'd never heard of donks until a feature on Jalopnik highlighted what is perhaps the stupidest car culture since soccer players started to earn enough money to customise their cars.

A donk is essentially a big old American car, although any will do, which is painted a gaudy colour, trimmed with chrome and fitted with 30 inch wheels.  Which are generally chrome.  And sometimes have spinners.

There are some benefits to donks.  For example, home mechanics can now work on the underside of their car without needing to use a jack.  And, that's it.  There are no other obvious benefits.

There's a donk gallery below.  But before we mock our American cousins, us UK based car nuts should remember one thing - we're more than capable of making a decent car look like a bag of spanners ourselves.  Have a look at Speedmonkey's modified cars gallery for evidence of that.