30 Sept 2012

Modified cars - Gallery of shame

A tastefully modified car can, sometimes, be an improvement on the original model.  Those that work well are usually factory fitted options that complement the existing lines of the car in order to sculpt it into a more pleasing, and sometimes aerodynamically efficient, shape.

But those that do not work well are often the result of an internet purchase plus some enthusiastic, but unskilled, crafting by hands unused to such delicate matters and minds intent on creating an 'individual' car.  The results can be described as individual but also as awful, hideous and downright ugly.

So we bring to you our gallery of botch-jobs and cack-handed attempts at individuality that are only individual because no-one else would want one in their drive.

Beware - you cannot unsee what you are about to see.  These are not for the faint hearted.

VW Transporter with full VW approved bodykit.  And a binbag on the bonnet

Isn't it actually illegal to do that to a TVR?

It's erm, a Roll's Sherpa?

Which one's the skip? 
Bentley Contishital

Honda F16 special edition

Cadillac Esplanade with Lamborghini doors

Vectra Nurburgring special edition

How somebody could do that escapes us

This 106 appears to have two buckets attached to the rear

Nissan Maxima Mercedes special edition hybrid

Corsa with special bodykit and hand painted sprayjob

The Corsa in more glorious detail

This Polo has a special front spoiler

That 206's wing must produce 600kg of downforce at least

Honda Stream with fetching accessories
Cayenne's are ugly enough.  This one has special uglier bits

This MR2's air intake seems designed to ingest water

Cora with lovely blue and yellow touches

That spoiler produces additional upforce
A Punto with interesting doors

This is, or was, a Lada 1500s
A Chrysler LeBaron with optional outboard motor

Prodrive Skoda WRC