15 Jan 2013

Is this the worst car ever seen on eBay?

If the sight of a bright orange 1994 Ford Mondeo that's been converted into a pickup and has a BMW bonnet and grille is too much for your sensitive eyes then look away now.  This one's a real honker.

1994 Mondeos are normally pretty innocuous.  Bland even.  Someone obviously decided the best way to brighten theirs up was to 'modify' it with a bunch of fibreglass panels and plywood.  And to upgrade the engine from a measly 1.6 to a measly 2 litre.

To add insult to injury it's been neglected so much that the bodywork now resembles crazy paving.  No wonder when one of the photos shows a pile of wood stacked up against the door.  And the sports seats (with worn bolster) are blue, which doesn't quite match the orange paint.  Further highlights listed by the seller include:

  • Petrol
  • Chassis and car Mondeo but with BMW bumper
  • Polished head
  • Toggle switches from a Mini
  • Electric windows
  • Bumper is now black
  • Talking alarm system
  • Unfinished project
  • Bodywork needs some TLC as filler has cracked in places
  • No logbook so will nock (sic) 25 quid off winning bid
  • No tax
  • No MOT
Presumably the talking alarm isn't programmed to remind the driver they are a complete idiot for buying the heap of junk in the first place.  

Is this the worst car ever seen on eBay?  Here's the link to the ad.  At the time of writing it had a top bid of £215.