26 Nov 2012

More modified car madness/nonsense

When it comes to modifying cars some people should stick to brushing up their skills on XBox games such as Forza 4 rather than inflicting their cack-handed attempts at improvements on the rest of us.

This latest gallery (our first is here) highlights yet again why young men with half decent cars should not be allowed anywhere near plastic, fibreglass and glue - nor cans of aerosol paint.  Fast Cars has a lot to answer for.

Golf Mk4 which commits the criminal offence of riding on Mercedes wheels

Porsche 996 with ridiculous bodykit

The owner of this Ford Fiesta is obviously addicted to Too Fast Too Furious.  And glue

Citroën C2 shït edition

Ford Focus Lamborghini Edition

Honda Prelude with spoiler that provides 100g of downforce

Honda SMX  which is horrible even before the bodykit

MG ZR with Chris Bangle approved flame styling

MGF, lowered, flamed and spoilered.  Badass

MR2 lowered and shitified

This Nova comes with a speaker embedded in the bonnet and a free child

Peugeot 106 Darth Vader Edition