24 Nov 2012

Christmas gift ideas for drivers

Christmas is approaching and most of the car companies are jumping on the bandwagon with websites advertising all sorts of expensive tat.  Some of this stuff is genuinely useful and looks good whilst some of it looks hideous and costs more than a Christmas lunch in a decent restaurant.

Here are some of the best, and worst.

Porsche USB stick - £35.00  This is actually quite cool.  A 4GB memory stick in the shape of a Porsche key.  Just don't expect it to fool anyone.  And don't buy one if you don't have a Porsche.
Porsche Crest cufflinks - £65.00.  Porsche are quite good at this.  Again these cufflinks are pretty cool looking and, again, should only be worn if you actually own a Porsche.

Citroën mouse - £23.00.  This isn't actually that bad.  It looks quite classy and doesn't cost too much.  The potential market is rather limited though - to people with a Citroën infatuation.  Which is quite limited.

Citroën iPhone 3GS case - £8.00.  Erm...hasn't anyone told Citroën that Apple have moved on somewhat from the iPhone 3GS?  Maybe they have a warehouse somewhere with boxes and boxes of 3GS cases piled up to the ceiling.
BMW M Wallet - £85.00.  Oh dear.  Those jolly Bavarians at BMW don't quite have the style to pull this off.  This M Wallet will only be bought by fat businessmen who drive 5-Series diesels.  Photo also shows the BMW M Business Card Holder which will set you back another £35.00.  Note - BMW also sell a Yachting Wallet, whatever that is.
BMW Joy Softball - £24.00.  We have no idea what this is or why BMW are selling it.  If you buy it for your children they may punch you in the face.  If you buy it for your father he will remove you from his will.  Not even fat 5-Series owners would want a BMW Joy Softball in their lives, unless it was a menu item at the local massage parlour.
Bentley Backgammon Set - £2,950.  Yes.  It's a backgammon set that costs £3,000.  But it's a Bentley backgammon set and if you look closely you'll see little Bentley logos on each counter.  This may be expensive but it's pretty classy.  And it doesn't have Joy Is In The Air splashed all over it.
Bentley Racing T-Shirt - £30.00.  Bentley prove you don't have to spend thousands to buy a little bit of class.  This Le Mans themed t-shirt looks great. 

Mercedes-Benz Under 16's 1 Hour Driving Experience - £70.00.  Buy this and your kids will love you  until at least Boxing Day.  Your offspring will get to drive a new Mercedes A-Class for a full hour at Silverstone.  What isn't there to like about it?
Mercedes-Benz Cuddly SLS - £40.00.  Why anyone would want to buy this cheap looking squishy SLS for their children is beyond us.  Maybe Mercedes-Benz board members like to give them to their children at Christmas and some whizz decided it would be a good idea to sell the to the public.  If so then this was a mistake. 

Vauxhall VXR Pin Badge - £4.00.  Bentley would charge hundreds of pounds for this but Vauxhall flog them for £4.  Bargain.  If you own a Vauxhall VXR and want to tell the whole world.  And if you like lapel pins.  Which is 0.000000001% of the population.