3 Jul 2012

New Renault Clio - first pictures

Renault have issued details of their fourth generation Clio.  The new Clio comes with a new range of engines, including a 0.9 litre three cylinder turbocharged petrol.  The car only comes as a 5 door, offers a dual clutch system and is, on average, 100kg lighter than the previous model.

As well as lots of updated gadgets, including an internet connected touchscreen tablet, Renault claim the interior is "fresh, welcoming and occupant friendly" and comes with a dash shaped like an aircraft wing.  Interesting stuff but I think we'll pass judgement on that when we actually see it.

We like the exterior design.  A welcome relief from the ridiculous design of recent Renaults.  The integration of the rear doors into the overall look of the car is tastefully done and a match for anything Alfa has come up with.

The car will first be seen in the flesh at the Paris Motor Show and will be available early 2013.