23 Jul 2012

2013 Mercedes S Class - pictures

Mercedes imperious S Class has always been in a  class of one when it comes to the most luxurious, most advanced, most gadget filled, safest, most technologically advanced ├╝ber saloons.

Since the W116 of 1962 the S Class has been the transport of choice for dictators, world leaders and gangsters.  Not as conspicuous as a Range Rover.  Not as brash as a Bentley the S Class is discrete and conveys a supreme confidence.  The person being driven in an S Class doesn't need to convey wealth and power - they have wealth and power.

Recent evolutions of the car have become ever blander.  The pinnacle of the car's design was the W126 as introduced in 1979 and which survived to 1991.  A throughly eighties car that managed to achieve clean lines, class leading design and outright handsomeness in an era of vulgarity.  The subsequent W140, W220 and W221 grew steadily more bloated and more bland.  Perhaps by design.

Todays spy shots* show the 2013 model and sadly Mercedes appears to be continuing the theme.  Whilst it would be churlish to hope they devolve back to an old design it wouldn't hurt to try and disguise it's huge bulk - which it appears to fail miserably to do.

We'll leave you to make your mind up further as to the design of the new model but suffice to say it won't change much from the car shown in these pictures.

Speedmonkey thinks Mercedes Benz could do better.

As long as they don't employ Chris Bangle.

*Spyshot photos courtesy of www.motorauthority.com