16 Oct 2013

Morgan vs Morgan Motors - Now It's Getting Personal

Following the departure of Charles Morgan from Morgan Motor Cars Twitter users have come out in overwhelming support of Mr Morgan.

Charles' most staunch defender is his wife, Kiera Morgan.  She has some interesting things to say on the matter of his removal.  Family business can result in spectacular break-up. It seems Morgan Motors is no different.

Interestingly the thread on www.talkmorgan.com about Charles' departure isn't quite so sentimental.  The forum members generally reckon the argument between Charles Morgan and the board came down to one of modernisation and use of new materials, processes and markets.  Charles wanted to use more aluminium, carbon fibre, new processes and take the company upmarket, whilst the board didn't - so they kicked him out.

This photo is of Kiera Morgan, taken from a photo shoot attached to an interview with www.motilo.com

Article by Matt Hubbard