15 Oct 2013

Electric Race Car Sets Four New Land Speed Records

Drayson Racing took their electric race car, the B12/69 EV, which is based on a Le Mans Prototype to Elvington Airfield and set four new land speed records.

Drayson Racing electric race car, the B12/69 EV

The car does 0-100mph in 5.1 seconds, weighs 995kg, is powered by a 640kW/850bhp electric motor and stores its power in Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries.  It set the following records:

  • World electric land speed record for sub-999kg vehicles with a new average speed over one mile of 205.139mph, set from a flying start
  • As above but over a kilometre, of 333.271kph (207.085mph)
  • Electric vehicle acceleration world record over a quarter mile from a standing start in 9.742 seconds
  • British land speed record over the measured mile for cars of any propulsion driven by wheels.

Lord Drayson drove the car in all runs.  Not a bad result at all.  Well done chaps.

Here's the Drayson electric race car in action at Goodwood.

Article by Matt Hubbard

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