12 Sept 2013

Ian Callum talks about the Jaguar C-X17

This rather sweet little video from Jaguar features a narrative from Ian Callum about the C-X17 concept.  Technically it doesn't tell us much that we don't know already but it does give an insight into Jaguar's current thinking.

Jag has bold plans for the coming years.  The architecture of the C-X17 is central to those plans.  It's a hugely important vehicle for the company.

Interestingly Jaguar's video shows Callum sketching the C-X17 alone.  Compare that with the BMW video below which features Karim Habib, head of BMW design.  In the video Habib talks about his role as bringing together the ideas of his design team.

Remember the old saying, a camel is a horse designed by committee.