9 Sept 2013

Jaguar C-X17 SUV official photos - and info about future plans

This is the Jaguar C-X17, concept SUV.  It's based on a new aluminium platform and will form the basis for a whole new breed of future Jaguars.

Jaguar wants to sell lots more cars, we already know that.  It plans to do so by building a range of cars on a new platform, called the iQ.  This, the C-X17, is the first concept based on that platform.

The Jaguar C-X17 SUV is 4,718mm long and 1,649mm high - much lower than other SUVs.  The BMW X5 is 1,776mm and the new Range Rover Sport is 1,816mm high.

It's also built from aluminium, in fact it's an almost entirely aluminium monocoque design.  This means the Jaguar SUV should be one of the lightest and lowest on the market.

The iQ platform is modular and scalable so this SUV will be the largest vehicle it covers.  In 2015 we will see a brand new 3-series size saloon, and presumably Sport Brake shortly afterwards.

Engines for the new vehicles will range from the V6, taken from the F-Type, to a brand new range of 4-cylinder diesels and petrols which will be built in a new factory - currently being built in Wolverhampton.  It is expected these will see Jaguar bringing out models with under 100 g/km of CO2 for the first time.

From the press release and chat from Jaguar it seems the saloon might see the light of day before the SUV, but with the iQ platform in place it shouldn't be too long before a Jaguar SUV is on sale.

Exciting times for Jaguar.  At least this will stop us constantly asking when an F-Type coupe is due 0- for the time being

Article by Matt Hubbard