3 Sept 2013

Here's the 2013 Audi quattro - oh dear...

On the 30th anniversary of the original, iconic, spectacular, car culture-transcending quattro, Audi has released the Audi Sport quattro Concept.

2013 Audi quattro

And it's a bit of a damp squib. Gone are the razor sharp lines of the concept of the concept, gone are the cat's eye LED's, gone is any sense of cutting edge, gone is the aggression.

Quattro has gone all soft; bit like an effeminate muscle car.  Quattro shouldn't have rounded arches, it should have in your face boxy lines.  Quattro shouldn't have a rear end like an Aston Martin, it should be joyously square.

Console yourself that the Sport quattro concept has 700hp.  560 of those horsepowers come from a 4 litre V8 and 240 from an electric motor.  And it has an automatic gearbox.

Would a 2.1 litre, 5-cylinder twin-turbo have been too much to ask for?  Mercedes are getting megapower from their 2 litre engine in the A45 AMG.


Here's what a real quattro looks like.
2013 Audi quattro

2013 Audi quattro

2013 Audi quattro

2013 Audi quattro interior

Article by Matt Hubbard