16 Nov 2012

Spotted - Audi Quattro Sport S1 rally car

An Audi Quattro Sport S1 has come up for sale on eBay.  We look at the history of the S1 and wonder  if we can come up with the £122,000 required to buy it

 1984 - Group B was in full swing and the all conquering Audi Quattro A2 was the dominant force in the World Rally Championship.  It took every podium place on the first two rallies of the season and won by half a minute at the third race.

However good a car the A2 was though, it was due for replacement - and Audi had something special up its sleeve.  Enter the Audi Sport Quattro S1.

Stig Blomqvist entered the Rallye Côte d'Ivoire in the S1 and beat the previously dominant A2 into second place.  A legend was born.  The next year Audi took it's Quattro S1 to every rally but was generally beaten by a dominant Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, and by Audi's own lack of commitment to rallying.  Group B was suffering from a poor safety record and image and Audi, sensing this, didn't put their all into the sport.  It went on to win 1 rally in 1985.

Despite that the Audi Sport Quattro S1's reputation continued to grow and it remains a petrolheads' favourite to this day.

This S1 is, in the words of the seller, an exacting replica of the original.  The Quattro Sport S1 used a 2.1 litre, 5 cylinder, turbocharged engine that produced 444bhp.  The car weighed 1200kg.  The S1 for sale today is exactly the same, although power is slightly up at 460bhp.

The advert is quite detailed so you can peruse the further details below.  Note - it has been driven by the legendary Stig Blomqvist.

Audi Quattro S1

Built 5 years ago to exacting spec of original. Used regularly with 'Rallying with group B' at demo events in the uk and abroad. The latest being the 2012 Manx.

Driven and acknowledged By Stig Blomqvist, Harald Demuth, Jimmy McRae and Malcolm Wilson.

UK registered - 44 CFX.

Engine rebuilt this year by Neil Bold of Bold engineering and formula ford engine fame.

All balanced engine, knife edged crank, forged con rods, full ARP bolt set, forged front toothed pully, purpose built crankshaft pulley, alloy flywheel, race sachs clutch,

head beautifully gas flowed and matched to inlet manifold, matched valves, 7A ex cam.

Runs off front pully sensor using 034 EFi stage IIc, inc 034 inlet manifold, fuel rail, 42lbs injectors, harness, coil packs,

034 exhaust manifold and down pipe 3” purpose built stainless steel system

Garrett GT3071R roller bearing turbo. AR 63

Mapped to approx 460 BHP, to be sensible and usable by MRC at Northampton.

Purpose made aircraft wiring loom by polevolt electrics

Large capacity alloy radiator.

Electric powered hydraulic power steering with cooler, running purpose made ZF, 2 turns lock to lock quick rack.

Standard type US code gearbox 50/50 with locking centre diff, rear plated limited slip diff, 4.11 ratios. Exact copy of works gear stick lever with clutch button.

Suspension legs, built to match original works steel legs and fronts repositioned for castor as works,all rose jointed, coilovers, fronts shortened and strengthened. works tubular wishbones with rose jointed sliders and pins as works. inserts are Bilstein, re-valved for tarmac and shortened fronts, to suit relocation of top mount, as works. and Eibach springs.

4-link bars, front and rear, rose jointed as works.

rear mounted anti roll bar with blades and rose joints as works

rear mounted kevlar diff guard.

Brembo brake calipers all round with padget pads. Bias adjustable pedal box. All aeroquip pipe and stainless steel fittings.

Alloy baffled fuel tank, exact copy of works kevlar tank, with works swirl pot, spare wheel carrier, twin fuel pumps and filters. All aeroquip pipe and fittings.

Interior dash layout exact copy of works S1, using correct switches, gauges and warning lights and including working Halda unit.

All body panels built with a mix of carbon/kevlar and fibreglass for flex and strength, with all visible panels showing carbon/kevlar weave. Body painted to the highest possible standard with the correct works paint codes, using ICI 2 pack paint

Please,---- serious enquiries only,

Ferrari 360 modena in red considered in P/X.