20 Aug 2013

Volvo's new T6 engine has a turbo AND a supercharger

Volvo are completely revising their engine line-up.  All future Volvo engines will be four cylinder and will be petrol or diesel - and most will be 2-litres.  The new engine family is called Drive-E.

The most exciting is the T6 which uses a supercharger for power in the lower rev range, with a turbocharger coming online to give boost in the mid and upper ranges.  Peak power is 306hp.  The T6 will be available in the S60 and V60 in Autumn 2013 and will be mated to a new 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.
New Volvo T6 petrol engine
The new Volvo T6 petrol engine
Also available this Autumn is a diesel.  It's called the D4, has 181hp and will be available in the S60, V60 and XC60.  Transmissions are the same as for the T6.

Volvo reckon their new engines will be lighter, more efficient, use innovative new technology and will all be adaptable to hybrid use in future cars.

These engines, and all Drive-E Volvo engines, are developed and built by Volvo at their newly upgraded plant in Skövde, Sweden.
The new Volvo D4 diesel engine
The new Volvo D4 diesel engine