19 Aug 2013

New TV Series - British Touring Car Legends

Brilliant news for petrol heads: ITV4 has commissioned a 3-part documentary series tracing the history of touring car racing in the UK.

Touring Car Legends will chart the history of the BTCC from its beginnings in the 1950s up to the present day.  The programme makers have access to archive footage and will film interviews with key figures from BTCC, including drivers, team members and pundits.

For those too young to remember the golden era of BTCC gave us some big names both in terms of manufacturers and drivers, and the racing was as exciting as anything F1 could produce.  Check out this clip of the final 3 laps of the Silverstone round from 1992 for evidence of that.

The programme is in production at the moment and will air on ITV4 over the winter.  The makers, Gaucho Productions, also made the excellent Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line and TT Legends.

Well done ITV4 for giving us petrolheads more decent programmes than the BBC could ever hope to make.

Here are some iconic images from BTCC's history to tide us over for the time being.