22 Aug 2013

Look at the size of VW's massive display at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show runs from 12 to 22 September and the home manufacturers will be dazzling the world with new product and vast displays.  This is Volkswagen's effort.  It is 2.1 acres.
VW display 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
The image is 2MB. You can click to open in a new window and explore the vast array of Volkswagenery on offer.

The VW stand will feature 53 cars. VW debuts at Frankfurt are the e-Golf and Golf R - as well as one further surprise.

But big doesn't always mean best.  At the Goodwood Festival of Speed the most innovative displays were by Ford and Volvo.  Neither were vast but they were cleverly done.  Audi and BMW's monolithic boxes weren't inspiring in the least.

Article by Matt Hubbard