12 Jul 2013

The top 3 displays at 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Most manufacturers have spent a lot of money and time on their displays and stands at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year.  Many have gone with monolithic boxes replete with their latest cars, whilst Peugeot have a full-on waterside - no doubt this was conceptualised as 'fun' by a man in a suit - that's a bit useless because you don't take your swimming gear to Goodwood.

However some manufacturers have put a great deal of thought into their displays.  Here's our top 3.

Number 1 - Volvo

It's not the biggest but it's certainly the most creative and reflects the ethos and background of the company the most.  Aside from the Swedish wooden building and ice blocks they've an artist creating a Volvo logo out of a giant block of ice, they're giving away snow cones, and you can vote for what song they play on the sound system via twitter.  Oh, and they have free wifi.
Volvo stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Number 2 - Ford

Ford have created a massive lattice-steel structure that looks like a huge multi-storey parking lot.  That might sound a bit industrial but it's a pretty stylish effort which showcases the cars well.  And if you visit the stand be sure to pick up a free ice lolly.  Ford have missed a trick by not branding them.  Everyone in the vicinity has a Ford ice lolly!
Ford stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Number 3 - Land Rover

Land Rover has taken a spot north of the main cluster of manufacturers.  They've also taken a lot more room than the rest and have a large decked area with all their latest models (Range Rover Sport included), an off-road area, radio controlled Defenders on a miniature off-road course, and the usual steel and glass building.  Jangle your Land Rover key and you'll be given access to an exclusive area where free drinks are served away from the hoi polloi.  We did, it was splendid.
Land Rover stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Dead last - BMW's tent
BMW stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed