4 Apr 2013

Volkswagen want to remind you they still sell camper vans

With summer approaching Volkswagen have sent out a press release for their Caddy Camper.  This wouldn't be something I'd normally be interested in but there's a lot of love out there for old VW campers - and they're not cheap.  A half decent T2 Campervan will set you back £10,000, and a good Westfalia (the one with the extendable, pop-out roof) nearer £20,000.

I'm interested in the Volkswagen Caddy Camper for no more reason than it looks damn snug in this photo.
I once spent a lost Glastonbury weekend in an old T2 camper.  It couldn't do 0-60 and cruised along the A303 at steady 45mph.  After roundabouts it would take an age to get back up to 45mph.  It seated five on the way down to Somerset and two could sleep in the rock n'roll bed - the rest of us had to slum it in tents.

The Caddy Camper gets the VW common-rail turbodiesels you'd normally find in their cars - the 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI.  The 2 litre does 0-60 in 11 seconds.  Whatever your thoughts on old versus new VW campers the new ones go a lot quicker.

The Caddy Camper costs from £22,500 and you can see more details on the VW website here.  It seats five and is pretty van-like inside, although VW calls the interior 'hard wearing'.  It's also got a tent-like thing on the back, which I presume is an awning for when you actually take it on holiday and it rains all week.

Just don't order one in that horrible green colour in the photos.  It'll attract the midges.