4 Apr 2013

Porsche Panamera facelift. Loses the V8, gains a V6 and an E-hybrid

Porsche have refreshed their sports saloon, the Panamera, and dropped the V8 - which is odd because, despite emissions regulations making life difficult for large capacity cars, the 4S and Turbo were the best selling models.  And they were powered by the V8.

Two new powerplants are available, a twin turbo V6 and an updated E-hybrid.  And you thought a diesel Panamera was sacrilegous (although a hybrid has been available for a couple of years).

The Panamera has also been revised, most significantly towards the rear and unfortunately not in line with the beautiful Sports Touring concept, but more a smoothening out of the existing rump.  Pity.

Porsche reckons the new 3 litre, twin turbo V6 has 20bhp more power and 15lb ft more torque than the V8.  It is also 18% more fuel efficient.  Given the V8's stats (in rear wheel drive form) are 400bhp, 368 lb ft, 22.6mpg expect the new V6 twin turbo to offer 420bhp, 383lb ft of torque and 27mpg economy.

The E-hybrid uses the same 3 litre V6 as previous but with a new, more powerful electric motor.  The combined output is 416bhp and the 0-60mph run is shortened by half a second to 5.5 seconds.  Fuel economy is up to an almost unbelievable 91mpg.  Actually, you'd be right not to believe that figure, which will be unachievable in real world conditions.

The hybrid also gets a new smartphone app that allows such things as remote climate control, which means you can pre-warm or cool the car before you get in it.  At last, an intelligent and smart use of technology.  The app also shows the user how much power is left in the battery.

The new Porsche Panamera will be shown in public for the first time at the Auto China motor show in Shanghai on 21 April.