14 Apr 2013

Mark Webber to race at Le Mans with Porsche on 5 year contract? The latest news

We reported on 4 April that Mark Webber was rumoured to be on his way to Porsche in 2014 to race at Le Mans and the WEC in their LMP1 car - and now it seems the rumour mill is in full swing with some people claiming sources who say it is a done deal.

GT Porsche Magazine have sources who have said Webber will race for Porsche in a 5 year deal.  They say on Twitter - "To clarify, our sources tell us Mark Webber has agreed a 5 year deal to race for Porsche - not us, we're a mag - in its LMP1 car from 2014".

GT Porsche told one doubter - "we're a mag with a very good source and have sat on the story until the F1 paddock started talking about it this morning"

Also aiding the rumours are the World Endurance Championship commentators who claimed as fact that Webber had signed for Porsche.  Their source is Radio Le Mans who announced the deal.

Other commentators have been asked and say they believe it is true.  Derek Bell confirmed the news and Tiff Needell said on Twitter - "Webber rumoured to be bored of the all the Bull and heading to Porsche on a five year World Endurance programme."

For now that's all there is in terms of solid evidence. According to different sources Porsche have both confirmed their interest in Webber and said there is no signed deal yet.

Incidentally and interestingly we found this quote from a 2010 interview Mark gave with the Daily Mail when talking about his Porsche 911 Turbo:

"I'd take a Porsche over a Ferrari any time. A Porsche is more understated. They are arguably the best sports cars in the world. Turn it on, off she goes. It's there for you at 40 or 140. It's a selfish car really, simple inside, practical in many ways and brilliantly engineered, which as a driver you respect."