27 Mar 2013

Mini Clubvan - the first sensible Mini since the hatch

BMW can't help themselves.  They describe the new Mini Clubvan as the world's first premium-segment compact van.  It's basically a Clubman with no rear windows and no rear seats, whilst the original BMC Mini van was a Mini estate with no rear windows.

But those simple changes make this the first sensible BMW Mini since the original hatch was launched in 2001.  It even makes that suicide rear door (suicide on RHD models where the rear occupants have to exit into the road) seem sensible.  Vans have a long load space so to have a rear door makes accessing the rear easier.  The Clubvan gets 860 litres of loadspace.

The Clubvan comes in white, blue or black with the usual array of Mini options such as 15, 16 or 17 inch wheels, leather seats and all sorts of interior trim and specs.  It gets the usual 3 trim levels, with subsequent variations on the 1.6 diesel and petrol engines.  One, Cooper and Cooper D.

The Cooper D will be of most interest to the target market - boutique businesses who want a funky van for its looks as much as practicality.  It returns 72mpg from it's 112 hp engine, and emits 103 g/km of CO2.  All models gets electric windows, a DAB stereo and a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard.

The Clubvan is available to order now and ranges from £11,800 for the One to £14,200 for the Cooper D (although we specced one to £20,000 on the configurator quite easily).  Expect to see lots on the road over the coming months.