15 Mar 2013

Spotted - VW Mk2 Golf Country. An SUV Golf

Excuse the rancid wheels if you will and feast your eyes on this beauty.  It's no one-off special edition, but a proper, Volkswagen-issue Golf Country with Syncro 4 wheel drive, raised suspension and bull bars.

3000 Golf Countrys were made, all in left hand drive.  The engine is the 8v 1.8 litre 4-pot, as used in the GTi, with 114bhp.  The spare wheel is meant to be on the back but those wheels are meant to be removed and thrown in a skip.

This 1992 Country is for sale on eBay right now with a classified ad price of £3450, although budget £600 for some decent alloys.  It's covered 235,000km and has recently been imported into the UK.

Who needs a Tiguan when you've got a Golf Country, eh?