15 Mar 2013

New Volkswagen e-up! An electric car for Yorksha fowk

Volkswagen have announced a new electric car which they have strangely named after a popular Yorkshire greeting.  The aye-up!

29 years afta t' release o' t' orl electric Golf mk2 citySTROMA Volkswagen release eur new electric car, t' aye-up! which thee claim is thea fust production electric car.

VW sowd 100 Golf citySTROMA i' 1984. it 'ed eur range o' 50 miles. t' aye-up! 'as eur range o' 93 miles. Volkswagen claim it is eur pioneerin four-sea' car. Which it plainly int. 

The aye-up! is powered by eur 60kw (81bhp) electric motor which enables t' car ta doa 0-62mph i' 14 seconds 'n 'as eur top speed o' 93mph. The lithium iron batteree is situated unda t' floor 'n t' chargin point is wheear t' fuel flap 'ood be on conventional engined aye-up! It's eur girt lookin lahl car. Typical VW build quality 'n conservati' design wi' eur 'int o' flair. 

First deliveries o' t' aye-up! are expected i' 2014. T' Golf citySTROMA cost 45,000dm i' 1984. VW av yet ta release eur price aye-up!

Translation from German to English to Yorkshire courtesy of whoohoo.  The English text can be found below

29 years after the release of the all electric Golf Mk2 citySTROMer Volkswagen release a new electric car, the e-up! which they claim is their first production electric car

VW sold 100 Golf citySTROMers in 1984.  It had a range of 50 miles.  The e-up! has a range of 93 miles.  Volkswagen claim it is a pioneering four-seat car.  Which it plainly isn't.

The e-up! is powered by a 60kW (81bhp) electric motor which enables the car to do 0-62mph in 14 seconds and has a top speed of 93mph.

The lithium iron battery is situated under the floor and the charging point is where the fuel flap would be on conventional engined e-up!s.  It's a great looking little car.  Typical VW build quality and conservative design with a hint of flair.

First deliveries of the e-up! are expected in 2014.  The Golf citySTROMer cost 45,000DM in 1984.  VW have yet to release a price for the e-up!