24 Mar 2013

Speedmonkey's all time Top 10 most read articles, and other stats

We've been in existence since 20 June 2012 and in that time have grown from 4000 views in July to 100,000 in January and February, and 110,000 so far in March.

Readers arrive at Speedmonkey from search engines (mainly Google), Twitter, Facebook and links from other sites and forums.  The countries who most read Speedmonkey are the UK just ahead of the US, followed by Germany, France Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Holland and India.  

In the past eight months these have been the most read articles.  All have achieved views in the thousands, the top 3 in the tens of thousands.
The Valentino Rossi articles tend to get picked up by Google, Audi US put the greatest engines of all time at the top of their Facebook page for a day, the hot hatches article gets several hits every single day, the Mercedes CLA article got 7,000 hits immediately after the CLA Superbowl advert, the Norton article was caught up in a huge debate and people just seem to like the Fiesta ST as it also gets hits most days.

Speedmonkey is mainly written and put together by me but also features regular contributions from several talented columnists and article writers.  They are all detailed on the About page.

Cheers all.  Thanks for reading


24 March 2013