13 Nov 2012

Valentino Rossi tests the 2013 Yamaha M1

10am, Tuesday 13 November 2012, MotoGP test, Valencia - Valentino Rossi steps on to the Yamaha M1 and everything seems OK with the world.  The Doctor is back home.

Earlier, he had tweeted a photo of the number 46 on front of the M1 and said, "Hello. Hello.  How are you? Hope you are well.  I missed you too."

A few minutes before 10am Rossi had walked into the Yamaha motorhome, changed into his black and yellow leathers then walked into the garage.  A brief pause, a moment of reflection then handshakes and greetings with his old, and new, team.

He hopped on the black, yellow and graphite bike and was off.  And then it started to rain so he was back in the pits after a few laps.  But, after 2 years in the Ducati wilderness, the Doctor is back at Yamaha.