29 Mar 2013

BMW 635CSi vs M6 Gran Coupe. Which looks better?

The original BMW 6 series was produced from 1976 to 1989.  During that time it's design barely changed.  When it first arrived the sharknose grille, the sleek coupe shape, the long overhangs, and the nicely rounded rear end finished off with a bootlid spoiler became an instant classic.  The original 6 series, and particularly the 635CSi, is widely regarded as one of BMW's most beautiful designs.

Then, in 2003, the 6 series was relaunched, and in 2011 was revised.  The model you see in the photos is the very latest M6 Gran Coupe.  Gone is the short wheelbase, sharknose and pretty rear, to be replaced with a wide nostrilled, horizontal BMW grille, a long wheelbase and fussy lines slashed across it's flanks.

Has BMW design gone backwards or forwards over the decades?  Have BMW ruined the 6 series?  Or is modern BMW design just as brilliant as it was back in the 70s and 80s?

Put it this way.  If both cars were brand new today would you rather have an M6 Gran Coupe or a 635CSi on your drive?