26 Feb 2013

Spotted - Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L (modified)

The modified scene gives us a good fews laughs.  Some modified cars are good, some are awful.  But every now and again we see something that should have been halted at the point of conception.

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Unfortunately the pictures of this modified Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 aren't too good - but they're enough to see just how bad this thing is.  "From no angle does it look anything other than horrific," said @ChrisFalk623 on Twitter when we posted the link to the ad.

Yes, this beast is for sale.  Or rather was. The auction will have finished by the time this article posts but at the time of writing 3 bids had been made, and the top offer was £450.  Again we'll leave the comment to Chris: "Is there such thing as an ironic bid?"

Here's what the seller had to say about his car:

I absolutely love this car as does everyone else. I bought it less than a year ago and unfortunately personal circumstances have meant that I am no longer able to keep it. Beautiful car and it really does turn heads. It comes with lots and lots of paperwork/receipts. One downfall is that it has got a bit of a cracked bumper after hitting a speed bump too quickly. From a distance you cant notice it. Mechanically sound. It has been stood a little while whilst its been snowing so may need to be jump started but I will do that as soon as its ready to go. Please no time wasters as I do need a quick sale and I will not reply to anyone who gives me obsurd offers.

Any offer would be an "obsurd" offer, wouldn't it?