18 Jan 2013

The Horror! - Vauxhall Omega with a hideous secret

This Vauxhall Omega is for sale on eBay.  3 litre, V6 engine.  Auto gearbox.  It's in a good colour too - metallic black rather than ex cop car white.  Nice car.

It's got 81,000 miles on the clock and it's had an LPG conversion.  Yep, we like this Omega.

Here's a photo.  What do you think? Fine looking car isn't it

But hang on.  Look at it from a different angle.  What's going on at the front.  That grille's not right is it?

Oh God no.  The Horror!  The Horror!  That should be illegal.

Quick, get away from that grille.  Here's the interior.  Mmmm leather.  But, what's going on with that door?

Oh God no.  The Horror! The Horror!  That should be illegal too.

And what the hell is this.  A Flintstones sound system!

Look carefully at this photo.  See the reflection?  At all costs avoid this man.  

Here's a link to the advert.  Maybe you want to buy this frightful creation.  And drive it off a cliff.