18 Jan 2013

Mazda to make an MX-5 for Alfa Romeo

Great news for fans of sexy, two seater, fantastic handling, open top sportscars that don't break down or leave bits of engine on the floor every time they drive off - Mazda are making an MX-5 for Alfa Romeo.

Mazda and Fiat have signed a Final Agreement to work together and the first fruits of that agreement will be a new Alfa sportscar, based on the next generation of the MX-5 platform, built by Mazda in Hiroshima.

The new car will enter production in 2015 and will be built for the global market, which means it will come in left and right hand drive forms.  The Alfa MX-5 will be rear wheel drive and, oh hang on, each company will provide their own power plant.  So maybe that statement about the car not leaving bits of engine on the ground isn't so true.

To be fair to Alfa some of the engines in their current range are very good.  They just need to make sure every bolt is nipped up tight and hope Mazda agree to install the electrics.

Expect the first concept to be aired towards the end of 2013.

Image courtesy www.ansa.it