9 Jan 2013

New Lexus IS Images

Lexus will be presenting the new IS at the Detroit Motor Show on 15 January.  Ahead of the launch they have released these images.

From the photos the new IS seems to be 3/4 spectacular and 1/4 dull as ditchwater.  The old IS was a pretty bland C class and 3 series rival bought by discerning gentlemen who were after Toyota reliability and Lexus image.  It came out in 1998 and underwent two generations.  This is the third gen IS.

Lexus seem to have decided to carry over a lot of the design from the beautiful LF-CC concept car from March 2012 - but then had a fight amongst themselves.  No-one won the fight which gives us the strange mix of hardcore and bland styling.

The front and rear of the IS are both extreme and the flicks ahead of the rear wheels look great.  The profile of the car is pleasing to the eye - but then the flanks, and the three quarter view just seem quite boring.

What do you think of the new Lexus IS?