9 Jan 2013

Is the new Ford Mustang the car the Evos was meant to be?

In August 2011 Ford showed the world it's new concept sports car, the Evos.  The Evos was as long as a Focus, as wide as an Aventador and as low as an Audi TT, and it was a hybrid.  The project was then cancelled by Ford due to the, "Poor state of the global economy."

And now various renderings of the supposed future Mustang have been created by Car and Driver, which shows the overall shape, and front end, to be almost identical to the Evos.  The rear of the render seems to be straight from the Aston Martin school of design.

The new Mustang will first be shown in 2014 in concept form, with the first deliveries taking place in 2015 - the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang first going on sale.  It is believed that, as part of Ford's World Car ethos, the new Mustang will be sold worldwide, including right hand versions in the UK, for the first time in it's history.

In order to accommodate worldwide tastes, and regulations, the power-trains in the Mustang will likely range from a V8 right down to hybrid units, as seen in the Evos.  So it comes full circle.  If Car and Driver are right then the Mustang will be the car the Evos was supposed to be.