18 Dec 2012

Amazing car cutaways drawn by hand

Shin Yoshikawa is a California based artist and photo journalist.  For the past 25 years Shin has been drawing cutaways of cars - and they are amazing.

Each drawing is created by Shin's own hand.  No computers were used in the making of any of these masterpieces.  He uses fine lines and tiny black dots to create the drawings you see below.

Shin is 60 and reckons he's been into cars since he was 10 years old.  The drawings represent his passions for cars.  If you like the drawings check out Shin's website at www.kaiartintl.com where you can see more cutaway drawings as well as buy prints, and T-shirts, featuring his work.

Speedmonkey maths:

Shin Yoshikawa = Speedmonkey hero

Many thanks to www.petrolicious.com via @The_Marques_Man for the tip